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Mi-hunter | Urban Adventure

Redefining Kickscooter Design Possibilities

Research and analysis found new market potential. Urban, millennial and style driven, A tribe of individuals who made the cult following on aftermarket desire for modjobs.

Shotgun F1X is reinventing the street electric performance to build a brand matches their values. From Skin to skeleton, The Shotgun F1X is an impactful design interface that exposes its main character energy.

Freego E-Performance divison has a vision.

It’s preparing for tomorrow’s lifestyle-driven urban electric culture.

Metal Electric Machine.

Inspired by the long haul profile of Shotgun, Featuring progressive lines and crossbow structure, dynamism is expressed through practical character. Stripped of unnecessary fairings and gadgets, the F1X is a new breed for millenial money. Narrow and light, the ergonomic layouts make riding an intuitive and agile experience.

We blended engineering and design

Shotgun is creating a fresh riding experience for urban and style-driven buyers.

Experience the Thrill of the Urban Electric Lifestyle with Freego's F1X

Agile, Intuitive, and Designed for the Millennial Generation.

PBD built an interdisciplinary design team for Freego E-Performance Divison.

Confident & Cool, The team elevated product values into a distinct urban range identity that complements the brand’s electric vision.
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